• “To that one soul reading this I know you're tired, you're fed up, you're so close to breaking but there's strength within you even when you feel weak--- keep fighting

    “Give yourself some credit for the days you made it when you thought you couldn’t”

    What is Therapy?

    Therapy is a healing process that allows you to develop skills for living a better life. Therapy allows you to see things in yourself that you have never seen before. By investing in therapy you finally get the chance to feel completely heard. Therapy creates a safe environment to unpack any baggage that you may be carrying around. It teaches you how to develop deeper connections with the people in your life and create more meaningful relationships. Investing in therapy sessions helps you to feel lighter, less anxious, and more alive.

    Who is Therapy For?

    In the past, therapy has been seen as treatment to help people who are “sick”. Therapy does help people with mental health disorders, but I believe that therapy is for everyone. Therapy helps people become the best versions of themselves. I believe that therapy is like having a personal trainer for your mind. By investing in therapy sessions you gain clarity in your life, find insight, increase self-esteem, and reach your full potential.

    About Me

    I am a provisionally licensed psychotherapist practicing in Omaha, NE. I received my Masters in Counseling from Doane University. I use an integrated and holistic approach to therapy. By doing this I am able to help you feel your best in all aspects of your life. My passion is to help people bring more light into their lives and start living a life that they love. After experiencing the loss of my best friend at a young age, I am a huge believer in living this one life we have to it’s fullest. “If you’re living for tomorrow you’re missing out, cause here comes right NOW” – Abby Nicole.

    Finding a counselor that is the best fit for you is the most important piece of the therapeutic process. Let’s find out if I am the right person for YOU.